Why I Recommend WordPress for Websites

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Just a few years ago WordPress was primarily known as a blogging platform. Now WordPress is widely recognized in the web community as a great CMS (content management system) to build and manage websites.

The reasons why WordPress has risen to popularity as a development tool are numerous. Here I will name just a few, including my own personal favorites.

First, ever since I started developing websites there was one issue my clients and I struggled with. That was “edit-ability”. Previously a person needed to have a web developing program, such as FrontPage (zoinks!) or Dreamweaver to create, manage, and edit web pages. For those clients who wanted to be able to make minor changes to their site every week this posed problems. Dreamweaver costs hundreds of dollar, plus the interface was very confusing to any non-developer. Basically if you wanted to change a word on a page, you ended up calling your developer. For some people that’s not a big deal, but many of my clients like to be hands on. WordPress helped all that.

WordPress isn’t a software you have to go buy. It’s open source! A developer, such as myself, can install WordPress on your server and have a basic site running for you in minimal time. Once installed, your clients can log in, get a brief run down, and start editing pages like they would in a Microsoft Word document.

Along with the ease of use, I also recommend WordPress because of its flexibility. There is a plethora of “plug-ins” available – free and paid – that can increase the functionality of your website. One can add shopping carts, membership programs, real estate listings, social sharing buttons, and more with a few clicks. You will still need a developers help in setting these up and making them “jive” with your site’s design, but it takes significantly less time than it used to.

Themes are another great aspect of WordPress. There are tons of free themes available to install on your site and many even greater designs available for a small fee. StudioPress themes are some of my favorite. I also have developed several custom themes. Again, WordPress’ theme structure makes re-designing any existing WordPress site much easier. Because all the page content and blog posts are stored in a database, the developer does not have to “update” each page with the new design. The process is much more streamlined because of the way WordPress handles the header, footer, sidebars, etc.

If you’d like to see some of the sites I’ve developed using WordPress, take a look at my portfolio. About 70% of them are WordPress sites.

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