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Weekly Planner Printable (Free)

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Point Domain (DNS) from GoDaddy to SiteGround Hosting

When you purchase hosting from one provider and your domain from another, you need to re-point your DNS (domain name system) in order for your website to pull up. This tutorial shows how to point a domain on godaddy to a hosting package on...

Trim WordPress Content and Add Read More Link

Thought I'd share this wordpress code snippet with you. If you are trying to trim or limit the content shown from a post you can use this to limit the number of words. This snippet limits the content to 35 words with a Read More link. Copy /...

Handling Multiple Deadlines

Recently I’ve been challenged with a lot of deadlines. It’s good for business, but at times can give even the most organized person a headache. Here are some tips I execute when there are a lot of projects on my plate.

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Cameras: Big & Expensive Vs. Compact & Cheap

Earlier this year, I took a photography class: Photography for the Graphic Designer II. Within the first week of class I found myself with a huge, bulky, black Nikon D70 on my desk. Sitting back I looked at the thing somewhat bewildered for about half an hour. I figured out how to take a picture easily, but that seemed like just the tip of the iceberg – and it was. Thankfully it came with a user manual and I have steady access to the Internet. Otherwise that camera would have been my worst enemy rather than my new best friend.

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