I’ll just be straight here. Lately I’ve been quite envious of some other’s people lives. Why? Media… mostly Instagram. Over the last year I have followed several accounts that I stumbled upon through various means. At first they were extremely inspiring and fun. Maybe even helpful regarding household tips. I still love to follow these account and see the picture perfect houses, mom tips, epic vacation spots, etc. All stuff I would love. However, it’s making me discontent with what I do have, which is a lot. Today, I’m resetting. I unfollowed most of these accounts (and some Zillow searches) and am re-directing to make the most out of what I do have and my time. I’m not a follower, I’m a leader. Yeah, it’s in there… deep, but it’s there. Here’s hoping for a little more peace and contentment, a little more productivity and difference making!

Is there anything in your life that is stealing contentment? What can you do to change that?